Payment 205 000 RUB (Extra expenses might occur in connection with the necessity to arrange documents for foreign tourists. Additional expenses are calculated with the request).


The cost of the cruise’s program includes:

Full board (three meals a days, a variety of seafood dishes);

All transfers: airport – pier, pier – hotel, hotel – airport:

Accommodation on the catamaran;

Common expenses (ship implements and utensils);

Renting of the sailing outfit and life jackets;

Renting of the full set of kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, spray skirt, life jacket and helmet);

Renting of the sailing catamaran, crew members and ship’s cook work;

Work of the diver;

Medical supplies;

Permits for visiting Specially Protected Nature areas (reserves, sanctuaries, nature parks and nature monuments) and Border Security zones.


The cost of the cruise’s program does not include:

Air tickets;

Accommodation in the hotel in case of varying of the dates of arrival and departure of the cruise’s program participants;

Expenses on evacuation in case of emergency situations not included into the insurance contract;

Meals and beverages not included into the cost of the group menu;

Additional expenses caused by unfavorable weather conditions, illnesses, changes in the flight timetable, breakage of personal and group equipment through tourist’s fault or other unforeseen circumstances;

Alcoholic drinks.



• Preliminary cost of the cruise’s program has been calculated for the group of 10 people. Maximum number of participants – 12;

• Travel has been designed for favorable weather conditions;

• Program given above and timing are exemplary, the crew and instructors choose the routes of the itinerary depending on the participants background and preparation and weather conditions;

• To confirm the participation in the travel, tourists must pay in advance (prepayment is 50 thousand rubles) not later than three months before the beginning of the cruise. In case of refusal from the participation in the travel later than 40 days before it starts – prepayment is not returned. If the cruise is canceled due to managerial reasons, all money is returned. Full payment must be completed not later than 15 days before the beginning of the program.

Стелла "Бегущая по волнам"
Спина Горбатого кита
Семья косаток у острова Беринга
Командорский песец
Скелет стеллеровой коровы у Сергея Пасенюка
Морской котик
Вахтовка острова Беринга

Within the terms of tourist season 2017 we will visit the Commander Reserve (Zapovednik) that consists of Bering Island and Medniy Island and fifteen smaller ones. A voyage to the Commander Islands is a unique chance to meet virgin, almost primeval nature of Kamchatka. Each of 10 days of the travel brings genuine joy, amazement and learning. The Commander Islands are exotic, exceptional and enigmatic, like a magnet, they attract the lovers of unusual travels.


Islands were named after the famous navigator – Captain Commander Vitus Bering. During the ambitious Second Kamchatka expedition his ship “St. Peter” wrecked on the uninhabited island in 1741. Bering died on the island along with much of the crew because of scurvy. His grave is marked by a modest monument.


Two cultures – Russian and Aleutian (Unangan) coexist here. In spite of the cool oceanic climate, scanty flora and fauna this northern place has a huge tourism potential.


The Commander Islands are the westernmost extension of the Aleutian Islands, most of which are part of the US state of Alaska, though they are separated from the closest US island, Attu Island, by 370 km.

The relief of the islands is mountainous with the maximum height 751 m. The coastline is rocky and barely indent. Average temperature in summer is +10°C, in February -4°C.


The Commander Islands are known for a great abundance of sea mammals. Tourists might see sea lions, fur seals, sea otters, spotted seals as well as some representatives of the Cetaceans – sperm whales, killer whales, goose-beaked whales, dolphins, harbor porpoises,

Northern minke whales, sei whales, fin whales, humpbacks, North Pacific right whales.


Bird colonies are numerous and noisy, the number of sea birds might reach up to 1 million.

The Commander Islands (Komandorskiye Islands) 2018

Guests are accommodated on the sailing catamaran. There are three well-appointed double-berth cabins and two three-berth cabins with closets and shelves (general capacity – 12 people). Each hull is supplied with facilities (toilet and showers). The third shower-room is located at the stern of the watercraft.


A spacious mess-deck and a galley are located in the catamaran’s bridge, the first provides an amazing view. There are comfortable seats on the deck where passengers can spend their time reading or admiring the breath-taking scenery.


In the evenings after an eventful day guests have the chance to relax in the warm and cozy floating house, a hot shower and a tasty dinner are awaiting. Catamaran is equipped with engines, so even during a calm it can follow the itinerary without delay. The vessel goes under sail in case of favourable wind conditions. All passengers will be instructed in advance to handle sailing equipment. Anyone can try themselves in steering or working with sails. One more enjoyable activity during the voyage is sea kayaking.


Travelling in Kamchatka on a sailing catamaran and kayaks will give you a strong sense of achievement and turn you into a real explorer and pathfinder.

Day 1

• Arrival at Elizovo airport;

• Transfer to the sea port (including a brief city tour and visiting the fish market);

• Accommodation on the watercraft, instruction on safety measures and ship rules.


Day 2-3

• Beginning of the cruise’s program, transition to the Bering Island.


Day 4

• Landing on the Bering Island;

• Visiting the Nikolskiy settlement (the only settlement of the island);

• Visiting the tourist center of the Komandorskiy Reserve and museum of Sergey Pasenuk (a local navigator, tourist, and artist).


Day 5

• Trip to the Northern fur seal rookery (by off-road truck).


Day 6

• Trip to the Buayan Bay famous for the deposits of semiprecious metals (by off-road truck).


Day 7

• Transition to the Bering’s grave (the Commander Bay);

• Transition to the Medniy Island, landing.


Day 8-9

• Return transition to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.


Day 10

• Extra day in case of unfavorable weather conditions;

• Transfer to the hotel Antarius.


Day 11

• Transfer to the airport (including the souvenir shops and a fish market)

Itinerary: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy – Bering Island – Medniy Island – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy


Duration and terms: 10 days (20 - 30 - august 2018)

Cruise’s program:

20 - 30 august 2018

12 places are still vacant

Route duration -  10 days


Payment - 205 000 RUB

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The main goal of our work is to awake genuine interest to the things we love the most – nature, ocean, harmony and adventures.

Active tourism is creative and challenging. It gives the pure joy of new discoveries, new friends and connection with the nature. We are the team of devoted and eager people always welcome to new members.

20 - 30 august 2018

12 places are still vacant