Paymentv 175 000 rub (Extra expenses might occur in connection with the necessity to arrange documents for foreign tourists. Additional expenses are calculated with the request).

The cost of the cruise’s program includes:

Full board (three meals a days, a variety of seafood dishes);

All transfers (airport – pier, pier – hotel, hotel - airport);

Common expenses (ship implements and utensils);

Expenses on wear and tear and equipment renewal;

Renting of the sailing outfit and life jackets;

Renting of the full set of kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, spray skirt, life jacket and helmet);

Renting of the sailing catamaran, crew members and ship’s cook work;


Staying in hunter’s camps, lodges, using the bathhouse during the travel;

Medical supplies;

Permits for visiting Specially Protected Nature areas (reserves, sanctuaries, nature parks and nature monuments) and Border Security zones.


The cost of the cruise’s program does not include:

• Airplane tickets;

• Accommodation in the hotel in case of varying of the dates of arrival and departure of the cruise’s program participants;

• Expenses on evacuation in case of emergency situations not included into the insurance contract;

• Meals and beverages not included into the cost of the group menu;

• Additional expenses caused by unfavorable weather conditions, changes in the flight timetable, breakage of personal and group equipment through tourist’s fault or other unforeseen circumstances;

• Alcoholic drinks.



Preliminary cost of the cruise’s program has been calculated for the group of 10 people, if the number of group members changes downwards, the price of the travel increases for each of the participants. Maximum number of participants – 12;

Travel has been designed for favorable weather conditions;

Program given above and timing are exemplary, the crew and instructors choose the routes of the itinerary depending on the participants background and preparation and weather conditions;

To confirm the participation in the travel, tourists must pay in advance (prepayment is 50 thousand rubles) not later than three months before the beginning of the cruise. In case of refusal from the participation in the travel later than 40 days before it starts – prepayment is not returned. If the cruise is canceled due to managerial reasons, all money is returned. Full payment for the participation in the cruise’s program must be accomplished not later than 15 days before its beginning.


Японские окопы на острове Шумшу
Рассвет на Тихом Океане

The refined chain of the Kuril Islands connects two different and at the same time related worlds of Kamchatka and Japan. Mysterious Kurils belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire – an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where the majority of active volcanoes is located. The islands are the tops of the highest volcanic structures and they protrude from the water only 1-2 kilometers ahead, hiding the rest from the sight in the depth of the ocean. There are more than 150 volcanoes, 39 of them are active. The highest active volcano – Alaid (2 339 m) – is situated on the Atlasov island. The existence of numerous recreational thermal springs is related to the vigorous volcanic activity.

The Kurils are meant for the romantic travelers. The fact that the islands are hard-to-reach, uninhabited, geographically isolated and famous for their severe climate does not scare away the seekers of adventures but, on the contrary, strengthens the desire to explore this mistful volcanic place. The Kurils used to be a military fortress of the Japanese army and still might keep some secrets of the past years underground.

The flora of the islands is remarkable. Specialists compare the Kurils with a giant botanical garden, where representatives of various floras adjoin together – Japanese, Korean, Manchurian, of Okhotsk and Kamchatka. Dwarf birch and thousand-year old taxus, larch and spruce, Virginia creeper and Siberian dwarf pine, Amur cork tree, tropical lianas and Far-Eastern cowberries are growing peacefully side by side. While travelling here, you get rapidly from one ecosystem to another – from untouched taiga to dense subtropical growth, from moss-grown tundra to the jungle with soaring grasses.

Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands are the first in our country to welcome the beginning of the new day.

The Kuril Islands 2017

Guests are accommodated on the sailing catamaran. There are three well-appointed double-berth cabins and two three-berth cabins with closets and shelves (general capacity – 12 people). Each hull is supplied with facilities (toilet and showers). The third shower-room is located at the stern of the watercraft.


A spacious mess-deck and a galley are located in the catamaran’s bridge, the first provides an amazing view. There are comfortable seats on the deck where passengers can spend their time reading or admiring the breath-taking scenery.


In the evenings after an eventful day guests have the chance to relax in the warm and cozy floating house, a hot shower and a tasty dinner are awaiting. Catamaran is equipped with engines, so even during a calm it can follow the itinerary without delay. The vessel goes under sail in case of favourable wind conditions. All passengers will be instructed in advance to handle sailing equipment. Anyone can try themselves in steering or working with sails. One more enjoyable activity during the voyage is sea kayaking.


Travelling in Kamchatka on a sailing catamaran and kayaks will give you a strong sense of achievement and turn you into a real explorer and pathfinder.

Day 1

Arrival at the Elizovo airport;

Transfer to the sea port (including a brief city tour and visiting the fish market);

Accommodation on the watercraft, instruction on safety measures and ship rules.



Day 3

• Traverse of the First Kuril Straight and Shumshu Island;

• Transition to Severo-Kurilsk town (North-Kurilsk) on the Paramushir Island, arranging the permits in the Border Security zone;


*Space shots of Paramushir mountains and volcanoes are spectacular, however, the real sight of place is second to none in this respect. Paramushir is the most mountainous island of the chain. Five thousand people inhabit Paramushir  and almost all of them are the residents of Severo-Kurilsk.


• Overnight stop on the catamaran at the pier.

Day 4

• Ascend of the Ebeko volcano (depending on the weather) or visiting the Japanese airdrome and Bitomi cape (including thermal springs or bathhouse);

*The weather conditions of the Kurils and unpredictable and rapidly changing, that is why only the safest and the most comfortable attractions have been chosen for the tourists.

Our program suggests visiting of three islands of Severo-Kuril Chain – Shumshu, Paramushir and Atlasov.

Shumshu Island is famous for the Bitomi Lake and the abandoned village Baikovo – place of the Kuril Islands Landing Operation during World War II.

Atlasov is the northernmost island-volcano (the Alaid is the highest active volcano). It is possible to climb up the satellite cone Taketomi or examine the automatic beacon.

Lots of people dream about only stepping on the land of this island.

Ascending is organised provided the weather conditions are favorable and the group is well-prepared.

Paramushir island is a large one and it offers a number of interesting sights – a warm sulphur river Yurievka, the Shelikhov Bay, terraces of the Okhotsk coast, the Annushka river, Vasiliev’s beacon, the Tikharka river and cape Olga.


Day 5-7         

Exploration of the islands

Day 8

• Beginning of the return transition.



Day 9

• Entering the Russian Bay (Russkaya Bay), observing the rookery of sea lions, kayaking.


Day 10

Transition to the Starichkov Island (a nature monument and a nesting place for the numerous bird colonies);

Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

Transfer to the hotel.



Day 11

• ​Transfer to the airport (including the souvenir shops and a fish market).

The main goal of our work is to awake genuine interest to the things we love the most – nature, ocean, harmony and adventures.

Active tourism is creative and challenging. It gives the pure joy of new discoveries, new friends and connection with the nature. We are the team of devoted and eager people always welcome to new members.

Itinerary: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy – Shumshu Island – Paramushir Island – Atlasov Island (the Alaid volcano) – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy


Duration and terms : 

30 july - 08 august 2017

19 - 29 august 2017

Cruise´s program

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Route terms - 10 days


Day 2

Beginning of the cruise’s program, transition to the Tikhaya Bay (Quiet Bay). Preparation and instruction on sea kayaking, visiting the grottos and caves;

Leaving the Avacha Bay;

Night transition along the eastern coast of Kamchatka southward to the Kuril Islands.

19 - 29 august 

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30 july - 08 august 

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20 - 30 august 2017

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11 places are still vacant

12 places are still vacant